Saturday, January 1, 2011

Retro Christmas Review!

Happy New Year Everyone!

OK, I know I should be posting a New Year type post but I wanted to share my Retro Christmas with everyone before I start packing up and putting it away for the year.  Today is our clean up day so I wanted to admire things one more time.

The Merry Christmas sign I found at an antique store in a nearby small town.  It was ridiculously priced at $8 but I put it in our wreath on the front door and it made me smile every time I entered.

This Nativity Scene was actually my husbands grandmothers.  When they were moving her into the new retirement home it was in the "toss"pile.  I fell in love with it and had to salvage it.  I also got one of her Christmas tablecloths and it really started this whole "retro"theme.  Sorry for the lousy photo.  I'll learn.

This was the "kids tree".  I had it decorated in matching blue and pink balls for a while, but we always have a tree for the kids to hang their decorations on every year.  They LOVED the fact that it was shiny and different this year.  We found it at an antique store in town about an hour away.  At $60 it was the most we paid for anything this year, but we HAD to have it :)  I'm going to keep an eye out for a color wheel this year in my journeys!

Bubble lights!! I was so excited when I found these.  Retro fans know all about these but I had not heard of them until this year.  I realize mine are not "true"40's or 50's..I'm guessing more late 60's but its what I found and what I could afford.  We only had one strand but loved to turn them on (they were one a separate circuit because they got very hot, very quickly) We also had vintage glass balls and that garland was given to me from a local junk store (in original packaging) for free! We also had glow in the dark icicles on there that we found for 10 cents!  Best deal of the year!

This was our only disappointment :(  Actually it started out as a great find.  We had a whole bag of those crystal bulbs that we got for only 30 cents!  But when I went to find a cord to put them in it didn't turn out for us.  I DID find an original box with cord and was soooo happy! But the cord has a short in it somewhere and it didn't work :(  My dad is an electrician and tested all the bulbs and cord for me and told me there was no hope :(  So in spite of our best efforts they didn't light up this Christmas... maybe next year.

Well I will start the take down process soon.  It makes me a little sad since we had so much fun with it this year.  I did manage to find some vintage treasures that will become a part of our everyday life.  But I'll share those another day :)

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