Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year, New Resolutions

Well I have managed to completely neglect this poor blog.  I have thought about it many times but then think "there is no one who cares to read what nonsense I am thinking about at this very moment".  Which is why I completely stay away from Twitter :)

With the New Year quickly approaching I should be reflecting on the year past and making plans and resolutions for the year to come... but I'm not.  I'm tired. I will probably be asleep when 2011 shows up.  My youngest refuses to sleep (an ailment that her elder siblings possessed when they were younger too) and I just try to get through the day until I can get what little rest I can :)

So in the spirit of the day I will try my best at this moment to fulfill my New Years duties and do what 93% of the country is doing right now (besides drinking, and this is a stat I made up in my very tired head) and come up with some resolutions.

1.  Start eating healthier and squeezing in some "me"(aka exercise) time.  Now that my youngest is 1, I can't blame it on baby weight anymore :) 

2.  Be a nicer mom :)  Since I just scolded my middle child for nonsense that really truly is just who she is.  She thinks with the side of the brain that I must have let die in Business School.  My husband calls her my payback since I doubt we will ever truly understand each other, but get along just the same.

3. Live a simpler life.  Money will be tight this year.  It is a fact I am aware of and need to make the best of it.  I was not raised with any culinary or life skills.  I have had to muddle my way through this adulthood thing the best I can.  Living in this area has made it worse since I am convinced all girls are taken aside and told how to cook, clean and act like a housewife when they are 10.  Now its my turn. 

4.  Save the planet.  Well, I'll do my part :)  Actually we are pretty "green"around here already, but everyone can do a little more I guess :)

5.  Start Blogging!  Who cares if no one wants to read it... I'll type anyway!  Actually I think this blog will start a new direction (or an actual direction since it doesn't have one) and chronicle my simple life in this rural hell area. 

6.  Accept the fact that they won.  Yes "they"... everyone out here who knew I'd crack and conform to their ways :)  I draw the line at canning my own garden..but I know this year I will be chronicling things that I swore I'd never do.

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!  Actually I hope every day is wonderful!  We deserve it!

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