Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Season

Wow, what a neglectful blogger I am :(  Life has been busy with various activities and family trips that have been a great time had by all!

During all of this chaos Christmas has been slowly creeping up on us though!  Every year we have a theme in our house.  I have found that this is the best way to get everyone excited for Christmas without completely focusing on toys and presents.  Its a great family activity that gets everyone involved.

This year we are doing a "Retro 50's Christmas"! Which sounds semi-simple enough.  I would think that there are a lot of old Christmas decorations to be found in thrift stores or flea markets that would be easy to find.  Not so much.  We have lucked out with many cool things (like our 60s aluminum tree!!) but others have been hard to come by.  Basically we are buying nothing "new"though.  Everything has to be vintage or used or just old :)  Nothing from Wal-mart etc.  So far the kids have really gotten into it.

I will post some pictures soon!  We will hopefully start our decorating journey soon!

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