Sunday, January 9, 2011

A TRUE 50's Housewife

When my husband and I bought this farm, we were the first family to live on this property who weren't related to the original owner.  This farm was at least a 5 generation farm, meaning it was passed on from son to son until it was sold to us.  The good news is that my husband knew this family very well and when we bought the farm they were all happy it was us taking over the homestead.

The house itself is a beautiful brick house with a lot of character, but it needed a lot of upgrading and cosmetic work to make it somewhere I would live (it was ugly inside..just plain 70-80's ugly and I was still longing for city life).  We put all of our savings into making it our home and everyone was amazed at what was done (there was literally no kitchen, just a cubby). for a 100+ year old house, it looks pretty good :)

The owners before us came to see it when we were in the final stages and were very impressed (and jealous at the kitchen lol) but his mom, who was here during the 50's, was living in a nursing home and not very mobile.  I saw her at her son's funeral and she said how she would very much like to see the house again, see what we did and just see the house she raised her children in.  I whole heartily agreed and we said we would work out a time to get her here (she was in her 90's).

Well, it was said, but never done, and she passed away on Friday.  As soon as I heard I instantly thought "I never brought her back here".  Honestly I was afraid of cleaning up the pile of toys and making sure the house looked as good as it should for her.  She was a true 50's housewife who I am sure kept this house spotless, her boys were fed home made meals (and dessert) and this house was run as efficiently as possible.

At the funeral there were pictures of our house from back in the day, and to see what it looked like in the black and white photo's was amazing.  Gone were the bad sponge painted walls and instead was true 40's/50's wallpaper.  The kitchen (although small) had this beautiful tile and 50's charm.  There was a photo of her feeding a baby in what is now our dining room and I just though "wow, there were two generations after that and now I'm feeding my baby in that same room".  It just gave such a sense of history.  Even if it isn't our family's history, it is a part of it.  Who knew this rural life would catch up with me :)

So here's to you Mrs. H. a true 50's Housewife.

 I hope if you are smiling from above you will excuse the pile of toys :) 

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