Saturday, September 25, 2010


Today I must admit at least one "perk" to living here in the middle of nowhere.  A long time ago I discovered the greatest junk shop/store in a sleepy little town close to us.  The man who owns it is an absolute sweetheart and I quickly established a great relationship with him.  In the past five years or so I've gotten some great deals on things that our family has needed, and lots on treasures I just had to have :)

You see, I'm a bit of a vintage lover.  I wouldn't say collector and I wouldn't say fanatic, but I love hunting for treasure's.  I don't always buy them because my house is already over-run with toys, sporting equipment and general clutter that comes with three children.  (Martha Stewart has nightmares about my house I'm sure.)  But I love to browse and hunt for things that I am interested in or things I didn't even know existed and I can't live without :)

With that in mind, I stopped by this local shop on my way home from my son's hockey practice this morning and overheard the owner complaining about not having an outlet for so much of his things.  Most times he ends up throwing out or donating smaller items because he just runs out of room (he makes most his money on second hand furniture I believe).  So I told him that he needs to enter into the world of Etsy, or Ebay, and I knew his response would be his fear and lack of knowledge of computers.  Now, I am no computer genius by any means, but I have sold my fair share on Ebay (kids clothes mostly) and bought enough on both sites to know how they work. 

After a brief conversation I told him I would come in and help him to sell all those little things that he won't get much money for out here, but would make so much more online.  This is my dream "job"!!  I get to hunt through treasures, set them up online and sell to people throughout the world who are searching for treasures of their own! 

I thought of doing this myself years ago, but with the cost of gas (we live in the middle of nowhere, so driving around looking for things would eat up my gas) and the up front cost of buying things I didn't think I could make a profit at it.  Now I can sell things that he has already purchased (through estates mostly) and get a percentage of the profits!  I am sure I will make enough in a month for a family trip to McDonald's...not much at all, but its the whole idea that I'm in love with right now!

We are going to be busy with visitors, baptism, birthdays, a wedding, and activities in the next two weeks, but as soon as these are off our schedule I am going to go and get things started!  I can't wait!

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