Wednesday, October 6, 2010

One Year

Wow.  I can't believe how fast a whole year goes by when you get "old".  My youngest turned one yesterday, which I realize is a common milestone among children, but I just can't believe how quickly the year went. 

Maybe another time I will recount the difficulty we had in actually achieving our youngest child, but for now I'd rather remember all the good things.  We have been so blessed to have her with us. This past year has brought so much joy and wonder to our family that we had been missing.  But for all the sappy stuff, she is such a bundle of joy and the biggest little troublemaker all rolled into one :)

Our weekend was spent with friends and family visiting from civilization to our my little piece of rural hell.  We had her baptism on Sunday and then a small party afterwards with food, friends and good times.  She spent most of the time wandering around charming those she thought would do her bidding :)  All in all she was such a doll, and extremely well behaved for a girl who was not quite 1 and had a full schedule that day.

Yesterday was her actual birthday and my other two children were in school so my youngest and I hung out for the day and got into trouble together :)  I'm so glad I finally have an ally out here, although she does like the outdoors, and her first "word" was "moo" hmmm... maybe I need to invest a little more time in de-ruralizing her :)

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