Thursday, September 23, 2010

That time of year again

Well as any mom knows, those first few weeks of school are always chaotic.  New teachers, new classrooms, new wardrobe, new activity schedule... it all makes for a crazy time with lots of adjusting.  Unfortunately the only thing I worry about every year is the new virus that is lurking, just waiting to latch onto the kids at whatever activity or school they are attending.

No, I'm not a germaphobe (although I did survive H1N1 with a newborn last year) I am just realistic.  It is inevitable that every year, around the second week of school, someone will get sick. 

This year it was my eldest.  He came home complaining of a runny nose and sore throat.  Pretty typical symptoms for this time of year so I thought nothing of it.  I let him stay home yesterday hoping he would get rested up but things took a turn later that evening.  Turns out the poor guy has strep throat.  Ugh.  To him, the worst part is that he is in the middle of hockey tryouts :)  To me, I'm trying to keep him from infecting his two younger sisters, both of which are about to celebrate a birthday. 

So all plans we had for this week are now side-lined.  Our plans today include filling a prescription and buying more ice cream :)  Maybe I'll let him have some too :)

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